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Remote/Off-Premises Proofreading


My remote proofreading services aren't subject to the same availability requirements as are my on-premises services.

Because all work is done off-premises, my availability for such, at any given time, is usually guaranteed. However, at the same time, especially if your job is extensive, it's in your best interests that you contact me sooner, rather than later.


I accept any and all material to be proofread in either PDF or Google Docs format. I leave that up to my clients' preferences and needs.

On-Premises Proofreading


My on-premises proofreading services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


Because of this, it's always in your company's best interests, and strongly recommended (though not necessary), to contact me as soon as you have even a vague idea that you'll be needing my services and when. I will then pencil you in, until I hear from you again, with either a more definite need, a more definite set of dates or to cancel altogether. This is what I call a Tentative Reservation.


Tentative Reservations


With a Tentative Reservation, if another company were to contact me with a Definite need for some or all of your Tentative dates, I'll contact you first before giving them an answer regarding my availability, giving you the opportunity at that time to either cancel or change your "Tentative" reservation to a "Definite" booking for any or all of your previously penciled-in dates. If, by then, you're unable to assure me of a Definite need for definite dates, I'll have no choice but to go with the sure thing...!


Definite Reservations


Once a Definite reservation is made and agreed upon by both parties in writing, it cannot be canceled, even if the expected work is delayed or canceled altogether. The reason for this policy is that, once a booking is made "Definitely," if I get a call from another company for the same or any of the same dates already booked, I'm automatically turning that work away. The best solution for you (the client) is to always make a Tentative booking, which always puts you first in line, and which can be canceled as late as 24 hours before the reserved date! 


Advance Notice


While I strongly suggest that the greatest amount of advance notice possible be provided for all on-premises proofreading, I still suggest that no amount of notice be presumed as too little, either. For example, on occasion, I've been called at 9 am to come in that same day, and I've been available to do so!

Complete, detailed information for on-premises proofreading--including per-contract bookings--is available, upon request.


Copy Editing 


Because Copy Editing usually requires more uninterrupted focus, I provide all copy editing off-premises. This doesn't necessarily apply when Copy Editing is provided as part of my Proofreading service (see Services).


Moreover, because Copy Editing jobs are usually more extensive, I would require a deadline date versus any kind of reservation. 




An hourly rate quote, specific to your company, content, and services, etc., will be provided, in writing or over the phone, upon request.
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