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As essential to your creative as is ink to a pen!

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proofreading is a process.

Not a mere part

of a process.

More than

just a



I see the forest

before the trees.

In a business which relies heavily on the power of words, don't entrust that power to someone without the keen ability to see what no one else--but the client--sees! Get your powerful message across, free of embarrassing, costly typos, grammatical faux pas, color-registration nightmares, and more, with Writer's Ink--providing quality, reputable, distinguishable free-lance proofreading, copy editing and consulting, in English and Spanish, since 1987.




As someone with no affiliation to any company or agency I service (other than on an as-needed or per-contract basis), I provide free-lance proofreading, copy editing and consulting of unsurpassed quality and detail.


In addition to my experience, knowledge and innate love for detail and quality, I consider my strong desire to keep the lines of communication open with all my clients and potential clients to be of the utmost importance, as it proves beneficial to all parties involved. So, in an effort to maintain goodwill and establish a common ground of understanding, I've compiled the following by which I market myself to all companies....



I established Writer's Ink after resigning from my first full-time job in order to seek more variety and flexibility as a freelancer, while still continuing my career in advertising. And, while I did accept a second full-time position two years later at one of my free-lance client companies, I still maintained some free-lance contacts. But it wasn't until three years later that I reentered the free-lance arena on a--

if you will--"full time" basis. Since then, I've added new, yet expanding, companies, as well as major, long-established ones, to an ever-growing list of satisfied clientele (see Clientele/Accounts).

Owner, Dalia R. Vias-Fradera


Dalia is a consummate professional proofreader for marketing materials. I first worked with Dalia when I was at The McClure Group as a copywriter, and continued to work with her when I became a Creative Director there, and, years later, when I ran my own advertising business, called The Copy Grove. During that time, Dalia was hired as a freelancer, and she always worked closely as part of the team on whatever projects we gave to her. She “caught” and corrected errors and oversights that could have resulted in thousands upon thousands of dollars to reprint on a vast variety of marketing materials. Dalia was extremely attentive to branding standards. She made valuable suggestions, raised pertinent questions when necessary, was always on schedule, and extremely pleasant to work with on all projects. She is one of the best proofreaders in the marketing world with whom I have had the pleasure to know. Dalia brings many years of experience, a can-do attitude, and professionalism to every project that comes to her. She can help make sure your projects are up to brand standards, grammatically correct, and clean. I highly recommend Dalia for your proofreading needs.

Cynthia Maniglia

Owner, The Copy Grove


Recommending Dalia Vias-Fradera is like gilding the lily, but I am more than happy to do it. She provided proofreading services when I was an Associate Creative Director/Copy at Letven Diccicco & Battista, an ad agency many years ago, and I have never forgotten her laser-like skills, swift service, and prompt professionalism. Thanks to Dalia, our agency looked more polished than we really were at the time. Working with her was reassuring, to say the least; our client was happy and my account manager was thrilled. If that’s the sort of result you’re looking for, I would say your search is over, and Dalia is your resource.

Steve Rickards

Freelance Copywriter, Steve Rickards Advertising


Accuracy and precision are the hallmarks of good proofreading, and Dalia is the embodiment of both attributes. She has been the go-to resource for exactness in the production of our marketing materials at Colonial Penn and TPG Direct.

Vincent Dutton

Creative Director, Dutton Design Group, LLC


Having worked with Dalia for many years, I can attest she is the ultimate proofreader. Her meticulous attention to detail made her an integral part of both production and creative teams while working full time for Colonial Penn's in-house advertising agency. As a freelancer, her reliability and superior skills make her the go-to resource for any job requiring a critical eye. She is the best at what she does.

Nancy Bollinger

Bollinger Creative Services

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